Another Pathway is Possible

No Human Being is an Enemy of Another Human Being

The Holistic World Planetary Paradigm of The Spiritual UN

Caring About the Whole Planet through A Heart Centered Human Race for the Best in All The Teilhard de Chardin Visionary Track for the Earth and Humanity "Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis."

Parting with War, Hate and Fear of Others  “The line separating good & evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either but right through every human heart” : Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Building a More Perfect Union  Where War is Not an Option, But a Waste of All Life Joining the Eternal Vision The Peace and Brotherhood of  All

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The Story of a Journalist and a Sage

Getting to Essence


The Dharma (Fundamental Essence, Purpose or "Form")
 of a Human Being is to Help, Not Harm

"Function According to Your Form" Aristotle

Acting from Essence
 (Dharma, Form or Purpose of the Human)

"A sage, seated beside the Ganges, notices a scorpion that has fallen into the water.  He reaches down and rescues it, only to be stung.  Some time later he sees
 the scorpion thrashing about in the water again.  Once more he reaches down to rescue it, and once more he is stung.  A bystander, observing all this,
 exclaims, 'Holy one, why do you keep doing that?  Don't you see that the wretched creature will only sting you in return?  'Of course,'
    'the sage replied.  'It is the dharma of a scorpion to sting.  But it is the dharma of a human being to save.'"

Truth:  The Human Form or Purpose on the Planet is to Help Not Harm --

which Includes Any Creature and the Planet Herself


Science:  The Human Being is Hard Wired for Empathy